Thinline Leather Contour Dressage Girth

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:  Thinline

Product description

Leather Contour Dressage Girth ThinLine – Lined with pressure distributing non slip foam this European leather girth is the best short girth you can buy for your horse.

The ThinLine Dressage Girth is designed for horse comfort with a contoured shape and a fully elasticized middle. It has stainless steel hardware throughout, including a center D-ring and roller buckles at each end. Leather keepers provide a clean look for your billets.Made with the best European leather.

Because it’s made with ThinLine, this girth won’t slip or rub and conforms gently to your horse’s belly for a more comfortable ride. Easy-care and extremely durable.

Because ThinLine provides so much comfort this will soon be your favorite dressage girth.

Girths are stamped in Centimeters, for your convenience please see the conversion table below.

Conversions: 50cm-20″, 55cm=22″, 60cm=24″, 65cm=26″, 70cm=28″, 75cm=30″, 80cm=32″, 85cm=34″