Thinline Horse Bell Boots

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:  Thinline

Product description

ThinLine Bell Boots are made with a strong synthetic outer shell and lined with shock absorbing ThinLine material, that truly offers impact protection superior to other bell boots. The ThinLine bell boot is designed to protect the horse during work or turnout. The boots are built slightly shorter than turnout boots to ensure they do not interfere with work while offering the maximum impact protection in a bell boot. We encourage you to turn out in them as well. ThinLine will not absorb water and will not generate heat. ThinLine against your horse is anti-fungal and will protect against fungus and rain rot.

Care Instructions: Bell boots can be hosed or sponged off with water or wiped down with ThinLine Cleaners. They can be machine washed, any machine with no agitator, with a mild detergent. Hang boots to dry. Machine wash in cold water.

Sold as a pair.