Thinline English Seat Saver

Canter Price: $59.99

SKU 8898
GTIN 841095606896
:  Thinline

Product description

The shock absorption in this seat saver is so amazing. You will find yourself sitting closer and quieter, giving you more time to adjust your aids. Provides exceptional comfort for riders spending many hours in the saddle. This seat saver is so thin, you will forget it is there….until you take it off!

The ThinLine Seat Saver is designed to help you engage your horse, quietly maintain a good position and most importantly, sit more comfortably.

-super thin
-superior shock absorption

Seat Savers are the thinnest of all ThinLine products. It is a fantastic way to see for yourself how so little can do so much for both you and your horse.

Close Contact seat saver measures 12.5″ at the widest point, 17.5″ long from cantle to pommel.

All Purpose (Jumping) seat saver measures 12.75″ at the widest point, 18.5″ long from cantle to pommel.

Dressage seat saver measures 13″ at the widest point, 19.5″ long from cantle to pommel.