Trifecta Cotton Half Pad UltraThinline

Canter Price: $175.00

SKU 7305
:  Thinline

Product description

The Trifecta takes the basic Ultra ThinLine Half pad to a whole new level.

*Ultimate protection for both the horse and rider’s backs
*Low profile pad measuring 1/2″ thick allows for close communication and feel
*Reduces rider movement and prevents saddle slip
*Contoured spine free channel for comfort
*95% shock absorption
*Breathable to reduce heat and moisture
*Shimmable for customized saddle fit
*Easy maintenance and long lasting performance

Available in White, Black, and Dark Brown.

19.75″ spine length
14.5″ across the widest part of the seat

21.75″ spine length
16″ across seat

23.25″ spine length
16.5″ across seat

Care instructions: Machine wash cold in front loading washer. Spin to remove excess water. Hang to dry naturally with no heat source. Using a fan speeds the drying process. If you have a white Trifecta, you may use bleach products such as soft scrub on the ThinLine material as well as using a little bleach in the wash cycle.