Thinline Sport Boots - Closed Front

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:  Thinline

Product description

Dressage and Cross Country

The only Closed Front Dressage Boot Lined with ThinLine protection.
What are some additional features?

ThinLine conforms to the leg and ventilates to keep tendons cool.
Has memory when warmed to body temperature for a custom fit.
ThinLine does not absorb water so boots won’t shift or rub.

The trademark open cell technology makes ThinLine Horse Tack 100% breathable so heat and moisture are not trapped. An anti-microbial agent is also infused into ThinLine girths and horse boots. Because ThinLine doesn’t compress or slip. Pressure points created by tendons, bones, splints or wind puffs are gently shaped into the ThinLine memory. Add the superior impact protection of ThinLine and you have the perfect boot.

Medium measures a standard full size fits most horses at 10″ tall and 10.5″ wide.
Large measures 10.5″ tall and 11.5″ wide fitting a larger boned horse, such as a Warmblood.

Sports boots can be hosed or sponged off with water or wiped down with ThinLine Cleaners. They can be machine washed, any machine with no agitator, with a mild detergent. Hang boots to dry. Bleach the white ones by using a product such as soft scrub or soak them in a bucket with bleach.