Thinline English Half Pad

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:  Thinline

Product description

Classic ThinLine English Half Pad covers the weight bearing surface of the saddle and is designed to be very minimal and discreet. This pad will mold to the horses’ shape when warmed to body temperature. It flexes and moves with the horse so there is no pinching or pulling across the withers or spine. ThinLine provides more impact protection than other saddle pad. It is ideal for less experienced riders or horses needing maximizing protection.

ThinLine is thickest we offer. It provides more protection for the horses back. Trail riders, polo players, fox hunters are good examples of riders who choose ThinLine. Too, horses with sore backs should absolutely go in a ThinLine. ThinLine is a great choice for beginner riders and young horses in training.

ThinLine 1/4 inch thick – is designed for beginning riders, horses in high impact situations, or horses with sore backs.

Pony Half Pad Fits most saddles up to 15.5″. It measures: 15.5″ across the shoulder, 18.5″ long, and 12.25″ across seat

Regular Horse: Fits most 16-17″ saddles. It measures 17.25″ across the shoulder, 21″ long, 13.75″ across the seat.

Xtra Long Half Pad: Fits most 17-18.5″ inch saddles. It measures 17.25″ across the shoulder, 23″ long, and 13.75″ across the seat.