Thinline Cotton Comfort Dressage Square Pad

Canter Price: $164.99

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:  Thinline

Product description

All the best protection for you and your horses’ back in one simple saddle pad. The ThinLine creates a spine free channel and has a pocket for shimming if you need to make minor saddle fit adjustments. ThinLine guarantees you and your horse will feel improved comfort, better saddle fit and protection. Sit the gaits easier!

This is the best pad for saddle slip issues. If your pad is slipping we recommend this single unit solution, adding secondary pads like half pads often complicate saddle fit issues. This cotton pad with Ultra ThinLine (and pockets for shimming) will give you all the comfort, protection and fit you need. It will stay in place and makes tacking up easy, your ThinLine is always in the right place. Diamond quilting on the cotton gives this pad added integrity. Machine wash for easy care.

This pad measures 23″ along the spine and 20″ in flap length. Designed to fit most saddles up to 18.5″ Comes with a pocket to place ThinLine shims under the Ultra ThinLine for perfect saddle fit.

Machine Wash cold water hang to dry. Turn foam to the inside if using washer with agitator. Lightly bleach white pads.