Thinline Comfort Cotton Fitted All Purpose Pad

Canter Price: $164.99

SKU 7057
:  Thinline

Product description

Cotton Comfort Pads should fit most all purpose and jumping saddles up to 18.5″

Machine Washable! Cold water, hang to dry, bleach the white ones!

This pad improves horse and rider communication by allowing riders to sit closer, and do more with lighter aids. Designed to help horses soften and engage faster.

One of our favorite products. This pad is so easy. No fussing with half pads or making sure your basic ThinLine is in the right place. Just put the saddle on and go. ThinLine creates as spine free channel and wither profile by lifting your saddle up off the cotton pad.

This is the best pad for saddle slip issues. If your pad is slipping we recommend this single unit solution, adding secondary pads like half pads often complicate saddle slip. This cotton pad with Ultra ThinLine (and pockets for shimming) will give you all the comfort, protection and fit you need. It will stay in place and makes tacking up easy, your ThinLine is always in the right place.

Measures 21.5″ long, 20″ drop at the center of the spine, and the flap measures 17.5″ wide.