Ovation Destiny Evercool Show Shirt

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SKU 470500
:  Ovation

Product description

Made with Evercool, a silky, featherweight, ultra-moisture-wicking UV fabric with stretch comfort.

• AirSILX – Knit micro-vents create maximum air flow that is ultra-wicking and drying, creating a cooling effect
• RepelTech – Antistatic, resistant to abrasion and repels hair and dirt
• FreshLock – Odor resistant and antimicrobial
• UltaUV – Maximum UPF50+ protection against 98% of UVA

Material: Evercool featherweight UV fabric
Closure: Quarter zip
Collar: Snap wrap with slim stock tie loop
Vents: WingVent MicroMESH double back vent