Gatorbootz Bell Boot

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:  Thinline

Product description

How many times has your horse come in from the pasture sporting just one bell boot? It never fails, either they tear apart those pull-on bell boots within a few days, or no matter how tough the velcro clasp seems to be, they inevitably fail. This is why we invented GatorBootz. The latest in the evolution of bell boots. Redesigned from the ground up, the one-piece polymer design offers unmatched durability and protection for your horse. Gatorbootz has a latch easily opened by humans but never by equines. The patented easy on/off fastener makes fumbling around putting on or removing boots a thing of the past.

GatorBootzPS(1)Sizing: GatorBootz has an adjustable neck for a better fit no matter the size of the horse. That, combined with the no-rub collar, reduces the risk of chafing pasterns common in other bell boots. GatorBootz is specially balanced providing maximum protection from overreaching and keeps the boot from turning.

Gatorbootz comes in two sizes: Size 1 (fits Size 1 shoe), and Size 2 (fits Size 2 shoe). The variable latch and unique design accommodate nearly every ankle size, you can fit this boot on just about any horse. The Latch needs to close to the final setting to ensure it stays on.

Life expectancy: 9 months to two years, perhaps longer- initial test horses are past 24 months.

The Gatorbootz’s light-weight design makes them perfect for any use. The specially designed polymer construction is stiffer than traditional gum boots so they will not tear or deteriorate. Caring about protecting your horse and caring about the environment (as well as your pocketbook) means it is time to try a new boot designed for longevity. It also means they won’t retain moisture, which is perfect for turnout in wet weather or working in soggy conditions. It also makes clean up a snap by simply hosing the boots off. (For ThinLine fans, This boot does not have any ThinLine foam, it is simply a new design by the company ThinLine)

The Gatorbootz’s unique latching system makes it easy to release the boot with just two fingers. Simply hold the top of the boot in your left hand, buckle facing you, pull down and out with your right hand, the zip tongue needs to pull down at a 45-degree angle. Easy for you, not for your horse. The left and right boots are symmetrical, which means you don’t have to worry about left and right boots. To ensure your latch remains closed, latch it to the last setting.
Operational Use:

These boots are designed for longevity. The bell portion is made of a more durable plastic than anything else on the market. The latch will release in very aggressive situations such as cross country riding. This is designed in for safety. If you do not want the latch to release please secure it with a product like duct tape. This is frequently done with many cross country boots. Simply tape all the way around the boot, covering the latch, while riding cross country if you want to make sure the latch will not release. This is the best turnout boot on the market. If your horse gets the boot hung in something the latch will release. Which is optimal for safety. In normal turnout and riding the latch should stay securely closed. If you find the latch opens frequently your boot may be too small, simply contact us for a larger size.

Sold as a pair.