Canter Cash

Canter Cash Explained
Canter Cash is a unique rewards program that allows you to earn 5% back of every purchase. All you have to do is create a username and a password during the checkout process, and you will automatically receive 5% of your purchase - rounded to the nearest dollar. You may use this 5% on your next purchase at Victory Canter, or let the points add up.

Log in the next time you shop Victory Canter, and your Canter Cash points will be waiting for you(1 point = 1 dollar)
You may use your points on your very next purchase, or save them up and splurge on something grand.
Your points will never expire.

To Redeem
You must apply your Canter Cash at checkout to receive credit for them. We cannot apply them for you. Simply select the Canter Cash option from the payment options given at checkout. Your available points will be displayed. Apply as many as you like and submit. Should you have a remaining balance due, you will be returned to the checkout page to select another payment option(credit card, paypal etc)

Pool Points?
Want to pool points? Just let us know and we can collect points from various accounts to apply to that special purchase for the barn, the club, etc.

Canter Cash & Refunds You are welcome to make a purchase today, and another tomorrow using your Canter Cash for part or all of the order. However, should you make a return for refund of the original order, your refund will have the corresponsing amount of used Canter Cash dedcuted from it.

Should you make a return for an item purchased using Canter Cash, your points will be replaced if making a return for a refund

Make sure....
To receive or redeem your points, you must create a username and password, and log in using that information every time thereafter.

To View Your Points
Simply log in and you will see any Canter Cash points you currently have - or you can click on Canter Cash in the checkout section and see how many points you have to redeem.

Gift Certificates
The person purchasing a gift certificate receives Canter Cash. The person redeeming the Gift Certificate does not receive Canter Cash for that portion of their purchase.

You may not use Canter Cash to pay for shipping, or purchase a gift certificate. They are limited to use for the purchase of merchandise only.

Terms & Percentages may be changed at any time. Will not affect points already earned though.