NuvoCool Equine Liniment Spray

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:  NuvoCool

Product description

Multifunctional Topical Analgesic Liniment Spray Gel with a natural pleasant aroma, NuvoCool works like no other liniment for fast relief of sore muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, arthritis pain and associated inflammation. Using 100% natural essential oils, NuvoCool’s patent pending formula blocks signaling of pain to the brain, reduces inflammation, and increases blood flow and circulation. Soothes tired and aching muscles after a stressful workout. Complementary to massage, acupuncture, ultrasound and chiropracture. Use NuvoCool liquid liniments full strength or dilute for a pleasant and invigorating rub down. Apply NuvoCool liniment gel directly to affected areas. -Certified, phthalate, pesticide, herbicide free -Contains NO alcohols, acetone, witch hazel, silicone or synthetic dyes -Non flammable

32 oz.