Officinalis Avocado Sapone Spray Soap

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:  Officinalis

Product description

Rich in natural detergent ingredients, this gentle soap will not strip the color from leather as it cleans and removes sweat from your leather. With a number of essential oils combined with an organic surface active agent, it creates a synergistic effect for cleaning leather. Easy to clean with a soft cloth, it combats against odors, dirt, fungi and bacteria.

The Officinalis Avocado Leather Line is an innovative line of products for the care and maintenance of leather products of all kinds. It contains Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil and Cocoa Butter which absorb quickly, will not stain clothing or make your tack slippery.

The premise behind the line is that leather is not a dead element, but a living one that must be fed, washed and preserved. Tanned leather is affected by humidity, expanding with moisture and shrinking when it’s dry. Dust, dirt, bacteria, fungi and horse sweat are responsible for the deterioration of leather.